Robert Money Transfer

Good day my friends,

My name is Robert. I’m a 47 year-old man who is fond of Technology and Hacking as a Computer Scientist. I’m a verified white hat hacker on underground markets for Western Union Transfers, Dumps with pin and Prepaid cards. My philosophy is action speaks more than words. Hence, when it comes to business, let’s go straight to the point and make it work without wasting each others time

NOTE: I only use  email to communicate. Other emails or method of communication like ICQ, Whatsapp are NOT me!

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Click the above link for ordering Western Union or Money Gram Transfer or Dumps with pin Data. Below are some other information about my services that you MUST know before placing your order. I will not reply any emails that ask about information that are already written here.

  1. What do you need to provide me in order to process Western Union / Money Gram?
    • First Name, Last Name, City, Country of Receiver.
  2. What will you receive in order to withdraw money at Western Union ?
    • Sender Information
    • MTCN Code
    • Secret Questions and Answers (in case, you receive money without showing ID)
  3. Do you have to show ID at Western Union ?
    • Yes – for most of countries.
    • No – if they do not require ID, you can use Secret Answer.
  4. Do you have to pick up money in person?
    • It is mandatory of Western Union Procedure.
  5. Is there any danger of getting caught? is it safe?
    • So far, none of my buyers have reported any issue whatsoever so i would say it is 100% safe
  6. What are the price and how much will you receive?
    • Old price $250 for $2k is no longer available. New price list is listed below.
    • $350 (USD,GBP,Euro) in Bitcoin  – Receive MTCN of $3,000 (USD,GBP,Euro)
    • $500 (USD,GBP,Euro) in Bitcoin – Receive MTCN of $5,000 (USD,GBP,Euro)
    • $800 (USD,GBP,Euro) in Bitcoin  – Receive MTCN of $10,000 (USD,GBP,Euro)
  7. What payment methods are accepted?
    • Bitcoin Only.
  8. How long do you receive MTCN and Sender Information after making payment?
    • After I receive payment, it normally takes around 2 to 4 hours to complete the transfer. Then all details will be sent to your email address
    • You can withdraw the money after receiving the MTCN at any Western Union.
  9. How can i know my country is eligible to receive money at Western Union ?
    • Most countries are able to receive money at Western Union. You can check if your country is listed on Western Union Website Here.

Thank you,