Hire Hackers

I mainly focus on Western Union money transfer. And these hire hacker services are in charge by some of my partners who are fond of hacking However, I have to say they are really skilled in terms of hacking accounts and changing school grades etc. That’s why I always receive wonderful feedback about their work.

Below are details of hacking services that we can do, please read carefully to understand the process before sending emails

  1. Hacking Facebook, Instagram, Twitter:
    • Cost: $300 per Account.
    • Delivery Time: 24 – 72 hours
    • Information Needed: ID, URL of Victim Account.
  2. Hacking Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, Company Mail
    • Cost: $350 for Company Mail. The Rest is $250 per Account.
    • Delivery Time: 24 – 72 hours.
    • Information Needed: Email of Victim Account.
  3. Change Grade at School, College, University:
    • Cost: $500 per Student.
    • Delivery Time: 48 – 144 hours
    • Information Needed:
      1. Student Information
      2. Website or Portal of School
      3. Desirable Transcript
  1. Hacking Whatsapp, Cell Phone:
    • Cost: $750
    • Delivery Time: 72 – 216 hours.
    • Information Needed: Phone Number of Victim
    • You will receive All Logchat, Contact, Video Call, Text Message, Access Media File via our program that will allow you to spy on your Victim.
  2. Rules – Regulations:
    • My partners only start hacking after they receive payment via Bitcoin.
    • Please do not ask 50% – 50%. I will ignore these emails as spammers.
    • In case, you are not happy with our work, you are entitled to request refund

Thank you,