Process to Order Physical ATM Cards:

  1. I sell only 1 package of 5 Data of dumps with pin cards US / UK (track 1 + track 2). Valid rate >95%. Free change or refund if any data or card does not work.
    • 5 data cards cost $350. (Free shipping charge)
    • Each card can be withdrawn approximately from $400 to $1000 at ATM Machine.
    • Shipping through Fedex, DHL delivers from 2-3 business day to UK, US. Tracking Code will be provided.
  2. Send $350 in Bitcoin to our bitcoin address. Click this link to get our bitcoin address.
  3. Send an email to me at Email must include:
    • Your Transaction ID or Your Bitcoin Address. This is to verify that payment belongs to you for processing shipment.
    • Your Address of Receiver Information: First Name, Last Name, Address and Phone number.